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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Inequality Street?

CNN reports:
Disappointed supporters of public television believe the latest symbol of income inequality in America is, strangely enough, "Sesame Street."
Through a deal with HBO, the beloved children's television show, which champions fairness and equality, will be pay-walled.

New episodes will be available first to paying HBO subscribers, then for free via PBS nine months later.
The deal helped keep the financially unstable show afloat. Still, sadness was the reigning emotion among public broadcasting supporters when the deal was announced on Thursday.
What they saw was a cherished public asset -- a part of so many people's childhoods -- becoming corporatized.
"I get why 'Sesame Street' did the HBO deal, but it makes me sad we're privatizing a national treasure originally aimed at educating poor kids," comedian and popular twitterer Brian Gaar wrote.