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Friday, August 4, 2017

Confidence in the US Military

Frank Newport reports at Gallup:
Americans have given the military the highest confidence rating of any institution in American society for nearly two decades. Asked to explain these positive views, Americans cite their perceptions of the professional and competent way in which the military has executed its responsibilities, followed by a focus on the importance of what the military does for the country.
A question included in a late March, early April Gallup survey sheds additional light on the public's view of the military. Americans were asked to indicate how well each of six terms described military leadership today. Almost seven in 10 agreed that the descriptor "personally courageous" described military leadership very well, followed by 56% who said the same about the term "professional." Fewer Americans said the terms "trustworthy," "innovative," "honest," and "ethical" described military leadership very well, although most said these terms described them somewhat well.