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Monday, September 25, 2017

Many Americans Don't Know that Puerto Ricans are Americans

Hurricane Maria has caused a huge disaster in Puerto Rico.  Why aren't Americans more upset? Because many of them don't know that Puerto Ricans are their fellow Americans.

Matthew Rozsa in Salon:
As of March 2017, only 47 percent of Americans believed that a person born to Puerto Rican parents was an American citizen, according to a Suffolk poll. By contrast, a whopping 30 percent believed that they would be a citizen of Puerto Rico, with the rest of the people surveyed either not knowing or claiming to be unsure.
The same findings were apparent in an Economic/YouGov poll taken less than one year earlier. As of May 2016, 43 percent of respondents believed that children of Puerto Rican parents in Puerto Rico would be American citizens, while 41 percent said they would be Puerto Rican citizens.