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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Opinion on Taxes

At ABC, Christine Filer reports that Trump's proposed tax reform is not very popular.
Cutting corporate taxes looks like a hard sell for Donald Trump and Republican Party leaders -- a new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that 65 percent of Americans feel large corporations pay too little in taxes.
Given what the public knows about it, they opposes Trump’s tax plan by 44-28 percent, with a substantial 28 percent undecided. Half of those polled expect the administration’s plan to reduce taxes on the wealthy, while just 10 percent think it’ll reduce taxes on the middle class. A quarter expect equal treatment.
See PDF with full results here.
A tax break for the wealthy would be out of step with public opinion. Overall, a broad 78 percent favor trimming income taxes on middle-and lower-income Americans, while just 33 percent support reducing taxes on higher-income individuals. The public splits when it comes to cutting taxes paid by businesses in general -- 45-48 percent, support-oppose.