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Monday, December 10, 2018

Concentration of Wealth and Power in Metro Areas

Jim VandeHei, Sara Fischer, and Felix Salmon at Axios report on a shift of economic and political power from rural areas to metro areas.
Why it matters: With wealth, jobs, and power increasingly concentrated in a few large cities, we are witnessing a growing economic and political divide between urban and rural America. As we've previously written, it's part of a larger dynamic favoring "superstar" countries and companies, too — behemoths that appear positioned to dominatethe future global economy. This fuels us-versus-them.
  • We see this in technology: New cool technologies hit cities first, be it 5G, autonomous transportation or drone delivery. This gives cities a huge edge for future growth. 
  • We see this in health care: Rural Americans have far fewer hospitals, workout facilities and health specialists, feeding a rise in obesity and disabilities. 
  • We see this in education: Big employers and better technology makes cities magnets for better teachers, schools and specialized training.