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Sunday, November 29, 2020


 From the Center for Presidential Transition:

The time between the election and the inauguration is about 75 days. During this two and a half months, the transition team must handle the influx of campaign staff, integrate them into the daily operations and prepare to take over the functions of government. Key activities in this phase include:

  • Staffing the White House and agencies.
  • Deploying agency review teams to visit agencies.
  • Building out the president-elect’s policy and management agendas and schedule.
  • •Identifying the key talent necessary to execute the new president’s priorities.


Following the inauguration and transfer of power to the next president, a new administration has a narrow window of approximately 200 days in which to achieve quick wins and build the momentum necessary to propel significant policy initiatives forward. The focus in this phase tends to be on identifying and vetting the right staff and appointees based on the president’s top priorities—a formidable task given that the new administration will fill roughly 4,000 political appointments, including more than 1,200 that require Senate confirmation. The administration also will have to officially close down the transition operation and preserve important records for historical value and to aid future transition teams.