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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Opinion on the State of the Union

Lydia Saad at Gallup:
Gallup's recent update on Americans' satisfaction with 30 aspects of the U.S. finds majorities of Republicans satisfied with 19, while the majority of Democrats are content with just four.
The State of the Union scorecard includes 13 broad features of the nation's cultural, business and government climates. Of these, majorities of Republicans and Democrats are satisfied with two: the overall quality of life and the opportunity people have to get ahead by working hard. Republicans are satisfied with each of the two aspects to a much greater degree.
Both party groups are also aligned in their low satisfaction with the moral and ethical climate and the size and power of the federal government. They have sharply divergent views on the state of the nation's economy, the position of women, the position of blacks and other racial minorities, and the way income and wealth are distributed.