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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Knowing Your Representative's Party

Pew reports:
Asked whether their House member is a Democrat or a Republican, 53% of registered voters correctly identify the party of their congressional representative; 22% pick the wrong party and 26% say they don’t know.
Voters with college degrees are more likely to correctly identify their lawmaker’s party: 71% of those with post-graduate degrees and 60% of those with bachelors’ degrees correctly identify the party of their member of Congress. Among those who have not graduated from college, far fewer (47%) answer correctly.
About six-in-ten Republicans (59%) know their representative’s party, along with 53% of Democrats. About half (47%) of independents know the party of their representative.
Men are more likely than women to correctly identify the party of their representative (60% vs. 46%), but no less likely to provide the incorrect answer (women are less likely than men to offer a response).
 Roughly Half of Registered Voters Can Correctly ID Representative’s Party