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Friday, October 5, 2018

Youth Vote 2018

Campbell Streator and Harold Ekeh at The Hill:
We need young Americans to vote — not just once, but always. That’s why Every Vote Counts — a student-led, nonpartisan organization of which we’re proud to be a part — is dedicated to (channeling the energy that young Americans expend marching and protesting to boosting turnout on Election Day around the country.
This week, we’re lighting a fire under our peers by launching the National Pledge to Vote. We’re kicking off the pledge with events at 23 participating campuses nationwide, and with more to come. Yale University is challenging Harvard University to see which campus can deliver higher voter turnout. Basketball teams are challenging football teams to see who can get the most players to vote. Young Americans are also partnering with local community organizations to engage non-voters like never before.
Same theme, different organization -- a video from NAIL Communications: